A Tribute to the Armed Services

Brought to you in partnership with the Cameron Parish Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

3:00 PM, Saturday, November 10 at St. David's Episcopal Church, Ashburn, VA

The Master Singers of Virginia is joined by the Saturday Morning Brass Project, a group of accomplished
brass musicians, to present a special concert to honor the men and women who have served in the
Armed Services. Admission is free to retired and active duty service members.



Missa in Sono Tubae                                                         Trond Kverno
Battle Hymn of the Republic                                           arr. Russell Robinson
A Tribute to the Armed Services                                     arr. Lloyd Larson
The Sounding Sea                                                              Eric Barnum
Selene’s Boat                                                                       Don Macdonald
There Will Come Soft Rains                                            Ivo Antognini
Tell All the World in Every Corner Sing                       Ralph Vaughan Williams; arr. Dale Wood