Sponsorship levels are available for personal and corporate gifts. While any amount is accepted and greatly appreciated, sponsors receive certain benefit packages. These benefits include name placement in our programs, season tickets to our concerts, and, for corporations, advertising in our season brochure.

The Master Singers of Virginia is a 501(c)(3) organization, and all contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

No matter how you choose to support us, we thank you. Your generosity will help us keep the arts alive in our community.

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Thank you to the following individuals and organizations who make The Master Singers of Virginia possible.

Member's Circle ($1,000 and above)

  • CA Techologies
  • Kathy Farmer
  • Tara Foundation - on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Crane
  • Don and Laura Young

Supporter's Circle ($500-$999)

  • Ted and Wyndy Frederick
  • Heritage Financial
  • Paul and Cheryl Hershey
  • Randolph and Kathy Pherson

Friends ($250-$499)

  • Consumer Construction, Inc.
  • Feather Family Charitable Fund - on behalf of Mark and Marilyn Feather
  • Tony Gregory
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  • Stephan and Karen Knobloch
  • Dr and Mrs Philip Mowrey
  • Daniel and Kati Posey
  • Dr. Victor Ramos - Raytheon
  • Russell Smith

Sponsors ($100)

  • Marcia N. Babashanian - 100 Women Who Care
  • Michelle Lee Goode - 100 Women Who Care
  • Kathleen Greenough - 100 Women Who Care
  • Grow Landscapes, Inc. - 100 Women Who Care
  • Hollymar Foundation Inc. - 100 Women Who Care
  • Kathryn Haym - 100 Women Who Care
  • Gayle Lovato - 100 Women Who Care
  • Audrey Magner - 100 Women Who Care
  • Yvonne Schiesser McAteer - 100 Women Who Care
  • Diane Northern - 100 Women Who Care
  • Helen Smith
  • Jenifer Spencer - 100 Women Who Care
  • Nancy Thompson
  • Bethany Widom - 100 Women Who Care
  • Mark Zalewski

In-kind Contributions

  • Ted Fredrick
  • Stephan and Karen Knobloch
  • Art Pittman