Winter Concerts


Our winter concert will explore the theme of flight - from the earliest days of humanity imaging gods winging through the heavens, to the first sketches that dreamed how man might one day soar through the skies. From there, we travel to the first attempts at flight, and how it was used for both travel and for destruction. Finally, we end up in the grandest theater of them all, the flight to outer space, and imaging what lies beyond. Highlights of the program include Eric Whitacre's Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine,  If I Were a Swan by Kevin Puts, Bumble Bee by Anders Endenroth and the premiere of our director, Dr. Erik Jones'  composition, High Flight.  

March 11, 2017 4:00pm - Our Savior's Way Lutheran Church, Ashburn, VA

March 12, 2017 2:00pm - Arcola United Methodist Church, Sterling, VA

March 18, 2017 7:00pm - Epiphany Episcopal Church, Oak Hill, VA




Bumble Bee - Anders Edenroth

Hymn to the Eternal Flame - Stephen Paulus

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot - John Stafford II

If I Were a Swan - Kevin Puts

Pilgrim’s Hymn -  Stephen Paulus

Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine - Eric Whitacre

Be Like the Bird- Abbie Betinis

Skylark - Arr. Teena Chin

Even When He Is Silent - Kim André Arnesen

Her Sacred Spirit Soars - Eric Whitacre

Prayer - René Clausen

Now Let Me Fly - Arr. Stacey Gibbs

Thoughts on the Moon - Rachel Land and Arden Skuglund

High Flight - Erik Jones