The Master Singers of Virginia is a select, auditioned, volunteer ensemble, comprised of 32 singers. Now in its 22nd season, the ensemble was founded by Dr. Erik Jones who still serves as the Artistic Director.

The mission of the Master Singers of Virginia is: to enrich, educate and entertain audiences by providing high quality artistic programs in Northern Virginia and beyond; to give residents of the region the opportunity to hear and perform beautiful and challenging choral music; to encourage youth to become involved in choral music; and to increase awareness of and support for the arts in Loudoun County and its environs.


Cathy Ceigersmidt (5th Season)

Carolyn Dignan (3rd Season)

Kathy Farmer (20th Season)

Marge Kalfon (5th Season)

Betsy Leon (19th Season, Section Leader)

Joy Liu (5th Season)

Claire Managan (3rd Season)

Lexie Orvin (4th Season)

Diana Pittman (17th Season)



James Blacklock (2nd Season)

Charlie Bolling (4th Season)

Michael Carter (1st Season)

Peter Drake (7th season)

Brian Ewell (6th Season)

Tony Gregory (5th Season)

Stephan Knobloch (7th Season, Section Leader)

Chris Ricketts (4th Season)

Brad Scales (21st Season)


Sarah Barker (1st Season)

Mary Ellen Connelly (14th Season)

Marian Ewell (6th Season)

Amy Hardy (4th Season)

Ariauna Heck (1st Season)

Heather Konovalov (1st Season)

Kati Posey (6th Season)

Rebecca Takemoto (9th Season, Section Leader)

Jane Waldrop (2nd Season)




Alan Cooke (18th Season, Section Leader)

Ron Dionne (2nd Season)

Ted Fredrick (11th Season)

Paul Hershey (6th Season)

Arthur LaRue (3rd Season)

Matt Lyons (1st Season)

Monti Mercer (2nd Season)

Kenneth Moore (9th Season)

Don Young (14th Season)